It is obvious that each and every one want to have a career, but what type of career? The career that one has/had dreaming of it or simply can say an “Ideal Career” and now I am going to explain my career goals.

After graduation from high school I had desired to find and have an ideal job because when I was at 12th class I was already studied one year Business Administration course [at evening shift].

Aiming to have a restful and luxurious life, but when I entered into real work environment I have realized that there are many other important things of life that ought to be achieved. To achieve such important things there should be targeted goals, hence I have totally changed my non-senseless imaginations then I made few long-term career goals [in my mind], now I have lots of things as my career goals as mentioned below, but not limited to;


Increase Job Performance

In career life especially in the first days of our job we have to make our ultimate efforts to perform excellently and effectively in all aspects of our job, keeping good relationships with others, being kind to others, be time bounded, be productive, and adhere all procedures and policies of the company so through better job performance we open the gates to new opportunities such as taking more responsibilities, earning promotions, salary increment, bonuses, and so forth.


New Experiences

In daily routine of our career we have to struggle to gain new experiences and skills that would help us to move towards our final career goals, never and ever we have to deny to experience new types of tasks and responsibilities rather we have to ask our manager or boss for more responsibilities because these tasks, responsibilities, and small projects accumulatively adds up richness to our thoughts and knowledge. Gaining new experiences help us to change our life perspective farther.


Job Security

I always tried to have a long term ideal job; I know with my current education level it’s approximately impossible to have such a long-term ideal job. According to my past experiences I am capable of managing a small business, but because of my long term goals I have to achieve some short term goals and until achieving these short term goals I have to focus on job security and I have to have financial stability in order to move towards my other goals.


Earn a Degree

One of the great steps to jumpstart on career goals is earning a degree which leads on a path towards success. Through having specific knowledge, education, skills, and a specific degree one can have more career goal options and most careers require a specific degree and proper education. Degree is a valuable credential for many jobs. Therefore, I pursued my higher education at University of the People (UoPeople).


Management and Comprehensive Growth

A good management is bone of every business so after working in a company or business, we have to struggle for our job promotion and through stepwise promotions finally we have to get into high level management positions. Owning a desired management position can require a series of short term goals and they have to be achieved. For an individual there is never a limit of growth in a job, even if s/he becomes a CEO of a company. Being seriously diligent and dedicated to a job leads to growing and growth is not something that happens overnight. At professional level it’s only possible to achieve excellence and consistency in their productivity and effectiveness of their work.


Starting a Business

Starting an ideal business is an ambition for many people and owning an ideal and successful business requires experiences and work in a profession and business. One can use all the expertise, knowledge, and skills s/he has about the business and finally becomes their own bosses. I personally am really hyped to start my own business, but due to lack of resources I cannot take any action towards starting a small business. Whenever I start my own business so I expect to possess backup because in business isn’t guaranteed and faces many risks and opportunities so therefore I want to possess backup business in order to have more alternatives and resources of income.


Empowering others

Helping others is never too late, I personally feel myself responsible to help others and it is my lifetime ambition to empower others in any step of their life, and I also ask help from others in order to fulfill my shortages and provide information of relevant life experiences because life is correlated with each another. I empower friends, family, and relatives consulting them, providing basic skills, recommending the talented one’s for employers, through technical assistances and in the future I want to see all of them to succeed in their careers through my empowerment.